River Country Cooperative

Liquefied petroleum gas, or propane, is a very high-energy alternative to other fuels. It has more octane than gasoline, and this odorless, colorless liquid vaporizes into gas.

The Benefits of Cooperative Membership

Cooperatives have been providing benefits to members for almost one-hundred years. Even a small food cooperative in a rural community helps every member save money. The purpose of a cooperative, or co-op, is to allow individuals to band together to obtain affordable goods and services. The key is buying in bulk. Mass quantities of anything is less expensive than buying one of it.

Older cooperatives, such as River Country Cooperative, have had many years to grow in members and expand in services. This is a win-win situation because members share in the annual profits of the co-op. Members of a co-op also own it and govern it, as well as benefit from it. The cooperative achieves what individuals cannot on their own.


A large cooperative typically offers goods and services in multiple areas. Continuing with the River County example, areas will focus on the needs of the members. This co-op has an agricultural and commercial base. It offers commercial and agricultural energy in the form of tractor fluid, diesel engine oil, and diesel for vehicles and machinery.

Argronomy products and services include seed services, risk management, skilled specialists, and precision technology. A farmer not sure about the right protective coating to order on seeds can receive suggestions and options from professionals at a reduced rate. Access to advanced technology helps all types of farmers and suppliers become more efficient. Individual farmers seeking professional services will have to pay full price, which can make it cost-prohibitive.

Some areas Open to the Public

Cooperatives may branch out and provide goods and services to non-members to increase profits. Home heating oil delivery, a chain of convenience stores, and a feed and grain department is available at this co-op. In addition to gasoline, propane, oil, and snacks, the public can take advantage of all types of feed for livestock and pets.

Becoming a Member

It is easy and fast to become a member of a cooperative. There are few requirements and the benefits are enjoyed all year in several aspects. If you are already accessing items and services, why not become a member? In that case sharing of the profits will be a wonderful addition to cost savings. Those interested can visit site for a complete overview of the cooperative itself, full explanations of services offered, and information regarding membership.